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We offer a wide range of services from a one of grass cut to a regular fully comprehensive garden care program. All staff are fully qualified and insured.

AIDC Trading Co., Ltd CONTACT PERSON : Mrs. Leakhana MOTH   +855 11-875-552
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Warehouse 1 CONTACT PERSON : Mr. Nal OEUR   +855 12-547-312

Warehouse 2 or SCP Warehouse CONTACT PERSON : Mr Leat Seyha

Sihanoukville Processing Factory CONTACT PERSON : Mr. Samnang PHENG   +855 89-492-749


(2 Positions Available, USD 500-700)

  • Ensure cleanliness of machine and machine components by making use of hose, airguns, solvents, cloths, vacuum or other appliances
  • Disassemble machines and take off parts for replacement or repair by using cranes, hoists, chain falls, hand tools and jacks
  • Examine or carry out tasks on broken machine parts and identify defective parts or give recommendations to supervisors on repair requirements
  • Replace, fix or realign machine parts and accessories in line with production specifications
  • Application of adhesives, lubricants or other materials to machines or their parts as well as other equipments in accordance with stated procedures
  • Put machine parts together after accomplishing maintenance and repair work
  • Additional duties as assigned


  • Male 28-45 years of age
  • A degree in engineering with mechanical specialty with at least three years cognitive and vocational experience in handling machine and machine parts
  • 5 years+ of experience in working in the fields of safety
  • Good commands of English both oral and written will be considered
  • Excellent general understanding of hydraulic systems with display of mastery in troubleshooting by utilizing deductive reasoning and schematics
  • Ability to achieve general maintenance essentials for system
  • Excellent of MS office skill

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