Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Our Facilities

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What we have Sihanoukville Processing Factory

In each day, 50-70 tons of Cambodian cashew nuts are being processed at Sihanoukville Factory, the final product of this factory is 10 tons per day. This plant is one of the biggest cashew nut processing facilities in Cambodia.

Sihanoukville Processing Factory

What we have Warehouse 1

Warehouse 1 consists of a compound 10 hectare land property and 1,800 sqm warehouse, it is the place where raw material is being purchased, dried and stocked. 200 tons of raw cashew nut is being purchases from farmers every day during harvest season, starting from Feb – June, annually. As of now, Warehouse 1 has completely stocked 10,000 tons of raw cashew nuts.

warehouse 1

What we have Warehouse 2

Warehouse 2 a compound 4,000 sqm land property with a 3,200 sqm warehouse or Specialized Cambodian Produce Factory (SCP), is the place where raw material of cashew nut is stocked. Warehouse 2 is used to be a transit point of raw material coming from Warehouse 1 to Sihanoukville Processing Factory.

warehouse 2

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